The sun will rise

Maybe this is how life works. Maybe we are suposed to be engulfed in sorrow at times so we know what happiness is. We think these bad times will last forever. We cry when we’re all alone,in the darkness of night. We bury our faces into our pillows,we muffle our shouts,we clench our fists so tight our knucles turn white.Blood boils inside us.


But then come the good days-those days when the agony of the bad days seems unreal. Those are the days when we experience the true essence of life,the days when we rejoice the fact that we endured the bad times,those days when we realize how strong and beautiful we are. These are the days that keep us alive.These are the days that are more real than the reality of the bad days. These are the days when we do not apprehend the rising of the sun rather we anticipate it. These are the days when the dark of the night isn’t our haven,rather the waning light of the moon is soothing to our soul.


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