“You were blessed,I was not.”

​Childhood.It feels like an eternity ago, doesn’t it?

What comes to your mind when you think of childhood?

Does it remind you of the days when your mother sang lullabies to you and rocked you back and forth so that you would stop crying,when you went running into your dad’s arms and he threw you in the air and you cackled with delight,when the soft hands of your mother caressed your cheeks,when she would touch your forehead with her warm lips?Or when your grandpa would take you for steaming hot tea during winters in his little blue car,when your teacher drew a star on your hand everytime you completed your classwork on time,when your grandma baked spongy little brownies for you covered with think marzipan,when your dad would howl with laughter at your little acts of stupidity and mischief.Does it take you back to those days when the word pain was not in your dictionary?Well, let me tell you something.Childhood is not how you think it is for everyone. Repeating the word “childhood” only floods me with painful memories; memories I can’t cherish; memories which gnaw at my soul,memories that have scarred me,memories that remind me of who I am,where I stand.

I’ll tell you something,a little secret.Life wasn’t as kind to me as it was to you.
I didn’t have a house to live in,my childhood was spent in a place that was more like prison.They called it an orphanage.While you enjoyed treats of chocolates and thick golden honey,I was given cold crisp bread.While you splashed in water and laughed with your friends,I was made to scrub the walls.While you played hide and seek with your dad I whimpered in the dark,all alone, holding onto my plastic necklace that was the last gift given to me by my mother.While you snuggled in your warm woollen cardigan I was lying on the cold hard ground,dying of fever with no one to look after me.You were blessed.You were loved.You were protected.I was not.
Life is unfair.It always has been.

Ps-this is entirely fictious.


29 thoughts on ““You were blessed,I was not.”

  1. First of all, thank you for the FOLLOW. It seems that you are a new blogger, or maybe this is just a new blog but you’ve had another or others before. Nevertheless, I am honored that you have decided to follow me.

    Meanwhile, I feel sad about this post. Is it fictional or not? I feel even sadder that an orphanage that’s supposed to protect you didn’t really do much…I’m sorry for what happened to you. Keep the words flowing. They bring relief to the soul somehow.

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    1. I’m so glad you decided to follow me,thankyou for that.And yes it’s my first blog.The first thing I saw when I opened my phone this morning was this comment and it made my day.Also,this post is purely fictional.I tried thinking from an orphan’s perspective.I agree with you,writing does make one feel a lot better.

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  2. I really enjoyed your imagery and the scenes you were painting here!! Such good use of descriptive language–it made smile and enjoy reading it, especially the tone at the end (which was a good stark contrast to the beginning).

    Even for fiction it was a good read!

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  3. It was interesting. As I read this I thought, “that wasn’t me”. I have no memory of my mother loving on me or hugging me. Mother did however always make sure we had food in our belly and clean clothes. As I was reading this I was wishing for the mother you spoke of. I would have liked that very much.

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      1. Oh, I’m good. I made up for it by giving my kids lots of love, hugs and kisses. Mother has been dead a few years and for some reason had no trouble giving my kids love, so I was glad of that.

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  4. Powerful and moving…and fact for many children. I, too, was not blessed. In my case…it was sexual abuse that almost killed me twice. So my memories of childhood are also unhappy and disturbing. I owe my present sanity, recovery, and success to the power of Jesus and the power of prayer in my life. Thanks for following my blog. God bless you.

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  5. Thank you so much for following my blog.
    I do hope this sad story is not true. I do.
    But if – you have to be sure that life will bring you the best !
    You have already paid the bill !
    Amitiés ( en français ) – france 🙂

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  6. Thanks for visiting and following Colltales. I’m doing the same about your very interesting blog. I wonder too who took the photo that illustrates this post. On WP, there’s a way to credit each photo; let me know if I can help you to do so. In any case, thanks again and keep it up. Cheers

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    1. Thank you so much for offering your help,that was really kind of you.But this photo was not taken by me or anyone I know,I was looking for a picture that would go with the post and then I came across this one.
      Needless to say your blog is pretty cool,kudos!

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