A stark contrast

​I look out of the car window,the red lights from the headlights pierce my eyes. Amidst the din of hooting car horns and hollering drivers,a small group of children standing in one corner of the street catches my eye-tattered kurtas,worn out chappals,hands spread out for alms. I take a closer look at them. I notice their muddy,snot covered faces. I look at the broken finger nails and calloused hands. I notice their blistered feet. I look at the desolate eyes.

Nearby,a flashy car comes to a halt. A little boy steps out of his air conditioned mazarati. Crisp shirt,ironed pants,freshly washed hair,toy sky viper in his arms.
A stark contrast.
All along,I have been staring intently at the down trodden faces.

I can almost hear their hearts breaking inside their chests. A feeling of despair and indignation takes over me. What did they do to deserve such fate?On what bases are we given or not given these blessings?Are they distributed randomly?And why?A long list of unanswerable questions comes to my mind. I try to look for the answers. I try to look for the answers in the despondent eyes of the underprivileged ones. I try to look for the answers in the aura of grandness the little prince carries.

I ponder over the ecology of ideas. I look for the answers high and low. And then,the realization hits me-it’s not in the power of ordinary human beings to extort the secrets of universe.
The traffic lights change colours and my car speeds off.


34 thoughts on “A stark contrast

      1. Un vieux de 45 qui lutte pour que l’on donne une chance aux jeunes de réussir sur une planète saine et en bonne état ! Traduction…An old man of 45 who fights so that we give a chance to the young people to make a success on a healthy planet and in good one of state!

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  1. Holy cow. Wow! First of all, that was really beautiful writing–and I mean that. The connotations and meaning behind this particular piece however, struck me; it is unfortunate that some of our fellow men and women are in less than ideal circumstances than ourselves. And we can certainly help them, but generally it is all out of our control. That second to last line about how it is not within our power to know the secrets of the universe…my goodness did I love that.

    Your writing is beautiful, and just as well the formatting and layout/design of your site is too! Thank you for liking my material and following me, and I am more than happy to do the same! It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to reading more of your work! 🙂

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    1. You are too kind friend.I’m a new blogger and I was thinking of ending this blog but its people like you who keep me going,thank you.
      I’m glad you like this.I checked your blog and,needless to say,I’m impressed.Thank you so much for your appreciation,I’m humbled.
      Looking forward to reading more of your work too,have a great day.
      I would love to watch you grow as a blogger.

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